It is hard to accept things. Everything is so fine. Everything is just so immaculate, so pure. The nights fall, the days rise. Time passes, things change. No chance of infidelity. The mild wind, the dancing trees. Look at the sun setting. Isn’t that gratifying? Feel the sky imbue. Feel the wind slap. Feel the nights turn. It is no less than satire that we could trust every other thing than trust. I mean, we should learn to trust trust. Sounds funny though. Trust gives you experience and these lets you learn that you might not get in a book. They teach you to feel. We run around the whole world searching for a consort. Laughing at a friend fall. Trying catch her eyes. Following to reach your dreams. This is where our lives revolve around. Can’t we grow up to hold nature? Can’t we grow up to follow nature? Can’t we grow up to pet nature? People sit at home crying for their shattered hearts, mending it with temporary cello tape. He will never. Never shatter you.


The falling snow, the spooky trees, those innocent centipede. Give your heart to them, to their colors, to their vividness. Don’t they explain innocence the best. There will be nothing to expect, nothing to accept. Unconditional love where you will meet that ultimate power. Play with an ant. Try stop its way. I’ll bet you’ll lose. Well, i have given up on this. Try talking to a tree, the best secret keeper ever. You’ll never ever feel alone. Pet a dog embrace His creation. Embrace his powers.


Believe me everything would seem to you very pacified. The water flows, the way it chatters revealing all its secrets par beyond our understandings. We are nothing with a car or an i-pad. Damn! We can’t even understand our surroundings. The silence has its own ways which only nature possess, which only our surroundings possess. You’ll end up smirking while admiring nature. You’ll love to hangout with it. Well, this is what my, your, His nature is. Binding.


I stood there hugging my favourite tree in the garden. Suddenly, out of nowhere i felt something creep into my ears. I was crying out of pain. It felt as if something is dancing. It almost took an hour for me to calm down. I was sitting on my table with my eyes wet with tears. And then an ant fell down the table. I realised her efforts to live. Her efforts to comeback. I felt guilt. I realised how she became a martyr. One of a kind.



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  1. Anshita/Vinshu,
    I am proud on you beta. Today I am really very happy to read your article. It gave me an immense pleasure to go through it. It has completely changed my perception about your maturity which has gradually turned arround from your childhood, although it is too early to conclude, but today I can say that now you are actually grown up and able to understand this world. Now I am confident that, you can very well discriminate and establish a very narrow gap between good & bad things and elements of life. Keep doing well as usual. We as a parents are proud on you. Be cheerful…You will find my palm on your every steps of your life…which will not only help your all needs of your life but also protect you from all small or big storms….Your Papa!!!!


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