I am left with nothing. Nothing to love, nothing to accept, nothing to ask and nothing to believe. There is fatigue and haziness around. I am tired of explaining. Truths are concluding to become my assassin. Days are changing. Faith is losing the grip from my character. People believe my mind and overlook my heart. They have bruised me to pain, intolerable pain. It hurts to be me. I feel ignored. No one. I wish i was something beautiful, something very showy and attractive, that would have made people around me. That would have not let me feel alone, tired. My eyes are burning, waiting for sleep, long sleep. My ears are getting faint. Faint of hearing shit. Faint of believing shit. My feet have gone numb, numb of sitting alone for so long. And now I have no faith in people, nor in me. My tears are all dried. My smiles have got all stuck. Now everything has crossed all its limits and I feel over, helpless. It feels to run away somewhere, where looks don’t matter, where your past doesn’t matter, where smile doesn’t matter. All that matters is pure love and trust. Faith. Where lies are nothing, where people understood what they are up to. I wonder how perfect this world is where happiest is not the one with peace. It feels dry, autumn. Days have all got dim and nights all so fine. Dark is good. My tears don’t reveal. I don’t reveal. You are there with a huge secret – YOU. Don’t let people know you. They love new things. Always stay new. Let you be the prettiest secret alive. Let others find me, find you. Let others know me. Let me be discovered.


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