Love exists. And it is never going to die until god decides to take our heart off. Love is not that, which defines only couples, only siblings, only mother and son, only you and your lucky charm. Love circumscribes acceptance. It defines eye understandings. It defines feelings. The feeling of knowing your importance. There is one very simple canon. “We are made up of each and every person we meet, we see, we get influenced by.” It is not only your parents or your blood relations.You don’t need a consort. Trust me. You need someone who’ll accept you the way you are, the one who tries to ascent you. It can be anyone you met last year, anyone you met yesterday. All you need is someone to construe you without any abuttals. Surely, it can be a bird too. Think once, do you have anyone with whom you don’t have any such relations but just at his sight of being alive makes you feel happy? Do you have anyone to whom you can share all your crush and boyfriend problems? Do you have anyone that you know, no matter how many relationships he come into, he’ll be yours? Do you have anyone in front of whom you can be you, who know all your faults yet choose you.


Back to those days I remember how I had a group of such amazing friends. Though I had an aberrant bond with a few of them. I reminiscence how we used to gather around, maligning new girls and mimicking teachers. Suddenly everything flowed through me and my inner conscience shook up horribly. I remember how we once thought where would we be after ten years. Back then we promised how we are going to stay together forever. My eyes imbued, shedding my eye liner off. I remember, back then, how we decided to manage each others wedding ceremonies. I was amused, I still remember. I remember everything as fresh as ever. Those promises that lightened my heart then, set in with that moon. That moon I love the most. That moon I am staring at right now. I was afraid what our future might bring us and today I saw it. Back then I used to wonder where my amazing friends were going to be. Where I was going to be. I replayed those hopeless nights when I used to cry, acting over possessive of my friends, my lifelines. Those friends who would message just to check whether I have reached home, who would call just to know if I am alive.


Today, I saw all my calculated possibilities come true. Today after ten years we all gathered just as we used to. But then there was a pricking comfortless talks with the same people, maybe. All of them have achieved what they wanted to. My soul was pacified to see all of those inanes concoct their lives. But then nothing was the same.

I looked into the mirror. My liner had all worn off.



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