She waved. Was it me? For a second everything froze around. Everything froze to infinity. All I could feel was her smile that reckoned our beautiful days. All I could feel was her ever wandering eyes that once used to shine at me. Between that few seconds of me turning back to check whether it was me being waved at, I suddenly remembered my past days. The sun embracing us at the garden. Our long talks and endless evenings stood fresh there in front of me. Her beauty soothed me the way it used to before. It had been months. But she was as freshening as watering flowers in the morning. I remember our hangouts, our singing songs together. Some frivolous talks and infinite memories. And today, again, we are standing like strangers.


In that fraction of second, it came to me, how we met. She waved the same way she did now. She smiled the same way she did now. We became friends and then our way met a t-point. We took a turn. Very opposite. Opposite to the other. It has been long walking on my road. Alone. I wonder if she crossed her road well or not. Well, today I got to know. She wasn’t alone. I was happy, satisfied rather.


I turned my head frigidly to check if I was the one. There stood a tall guy with handsome face, smiling. She crossed me.

I admire her elegance. I mean, even the stars decided to move as she went, but as tears.



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