I can Tell It All


And suddenly I realised how another year full of experiences and endurances went away. This year has taught me a lot. A lot about where I belong to. This year, like any other, proved its exorbitance. Its not about how a year passes. Its about how you are going to recognise it. Was it something sad? Something impeccable? Something gratifying? I believe that one special incident would let you remember the sound of the whole beautiful song of this year that just passed by. The aim of a person should be about the path chosen by him to meet his waterloo. He should understand where his desires lie. The beauty of an individual lies on how he understands his fervour. Every morning sun should be a painting of encouragement and every setting sun should be a lullaby of satisfaction. Everything is the same yet so very different. Everyday, the sun grows, the sun dies. But then daily we discuss about its brightness. Be that one. Unpredictable. Imagine how much you can learn. Reminiscence the contours and lessons you have learnt.
This year has made me what I am now. I mean you all are made up of your experiences. But then this year, I learnt the value of mirror. Yes, the mirror in which I look into, almost after every hour. What not does it tell you. It tells you what you have faced. It tells you what you have been through. It tells you what you actually are. It tells your pains. It tells you your experiences. It tells you what you can do. It explains you something that nobody could even give an idea of. This world is materialistic. This world is warped. You daily have to understand what you were, what you are and what you can be. There is no one better than a mirror who could tell you about your standards. Get up talk to it, accept what it says, smile and face this materialistic world. Come on, get up. Otherwise it would get too late. Too late that you will not even have the guts and awareness to face yourself. Yourself in that mirror. Remember one thing. You would never see yourself in the mirror when it is dark. Understand, you don’t deserve darkness. You don’t.



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