Silence is the Unbearable Repartee


Looking beyond what has happened with you is what adds up on your vicinity to meet you. Look into the dark. Feel. Think what you need. Embrace the importance of light. Embrace the need to adorn the situation. Feeling the hit of the winds with the windows down is what hits you  on your swollen head. I mean the impeccability of the moon set is far beautiful than any other beauty that exists. In the ambiguity of knowledge, in the obscured days what amazes you is the presence of memories that have once enchanted your soul, once enchanted you, you as an individual. Walking alone in the uncertainty of the night what makes my ear hurt is the harsh sound of silence. Sometimes, we try so hard to get away of things that cause pain but this silence, it throws it all again. Unfortunately all the canons and truths stand against us enhancing the role of silence. Sometimes, even the convoy of the nearest ones do not help in forsaken times. The thumping of the beats in your ears that matches your heart beats is when you feel the pain. At that time you long for silence. But you don’t want anything to come back, any single thing. But then, that is what silence does.
Days with my earphones on, with my foot tapping, I forget where I belong. The thing is, when you are vitiating you don’t realise any single thing around. Even the slightest of silence brings in pain. You try so hard. But all you can do is sit there, numb, not disturbing anything, not even the silence setting in. Slowly you get warped, as the pillow imbues. But then the dawn breaks after that. Always remember that. Dawn. On such twilights, on such boor times, you stood, you survived. Look down this world, there is a lot to discover, a lot to know. Don’t minimise yourself to what you have been through. Get out of that. Grow. Accept things as they are. Do not let others know your weaknesses. Stay sush. Work on that, work on your weaknesses even though you cant get yourself out of the vague, you’ll realise how you have ‘grown’. You will know you are audacious, you are brave. After all you have survived. You have survived pain. You have survived silence. And somewhere you have survived it all.




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