An Extol to Potency


Love is when your brain follows what your heart wants. I wonder the purity of love. Many have their own love charm. Very direct –  whose not is music? Who doesn’t love music? Those empty nights, those sucking journeys, those long lectures? Who’s your saviour then? Music. Windows down in chattering cold, smiling at strangers, stealing the essence of winters. Imagining scenarios in your dumbass head. Observing the moon crawl, crawl over your head. Deep breath. All these times that earphones in your ears matching the beats of your heart. Amazing? Isn’t it? Back there I thought where I stood, where my standards stood. Afraid to face it all I just refrained. Refrained from any other feeling to catch me. Scared of anyone to explore me. Somewhere, I lost myself. I lost myself in the vicinity of hope, in the shimmering moonlight. I lost myself in the darkness of underestimation. My conscience embraced hardships. My heart embraced loneliness. But then music exists. Without music my life would be a mistake. It found me even when I had completely lost all my sanguinity. It found me breathless, it found me exhausted. Drenched in sweat it helped me up. Music called out the winds, it called out the stars. It called the flowers. It called the rhythm. Music called it all to  find me. Affright I stand holding my hands high, praying for these nights to hold on. Hold on forever. Praying for these winds to blow, blow on like a lullaby. Praying for the stars to twinkle, twinkle forever. Embedded in the piece of time, the stars would remind me of the love that exists within me. Praying for this music to go on.


Sometimes I feel what God really wants from us? Money? Hard work? But then I reckon. He gave us legs to walk, eyes to explore, ears to listen. Then why do you have to think about what He wants!? This person, God, he wants us to look around his creations. He wants us to extol his imagery. He wants us to appreciate his imaginations. Who wouldn’t want to be praised? But then trust me everything has its own music. Even appreciation has. The blowing wind, the running water, the blooming flowers, the bubbling raindrops, your soul, your heart, your mind. Everything has a song. But then you need to grow. You need to find a song within you before disturbing others. You might not find music. But music would definitely find you. Music is life. That is why your heart beats.


Look at the moon. Deep breath.



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