Sitting in front of the mirror, there is a lot you get to analyse. There’s a lot you learn, I believe. Those eyes that once bled. Those hair once tied with care so special. Those lips that drew a dreamy smile. Cheeks that held those rose gardens. That average, bright face recognised what it lost, but now gained. That face recognised how holding on hurts. That face recognised how it is to give love another chance, to let those rose gardens blossom again. Childishly, I wonder if there’s another world behind that mirror where everything is opposite just as our left and right. Feebly I circumscribe myself. Dude! You haven’t seen the world yet. Many a times inside the four walls you continuously upbraid your situations. You feel how infeasible your life is. Obscured of realities how you cant appreciate things. Ah! That’s what human nature extols. Human nature has got it written somewhere. It is like okay, no you cant appreciate. Are you kidding me!? Why cant you just love what you are. Go out dude, look at the endurances outside. This world has got loads of talents. Sufferings have got better. I mean no sadness is robust than the other. Everything you imagine is true. This life is a one time game. One wrong step and things would come back to punch you on your ass. This is where ambiguities arise. Uncertainties. Cowardliness. The very sense of romance is uncertainties. Somewhere everyone suffers. One day or the other everybody has to face things that avenge. Things that avenge your deeds. Things that sermonised them to feel. Never feel empty. Everything comes back. Trust me, everything comes back. All you need to do is wait, understand, analyse, realise and extol. Let people realise what you mean, what your existence means.
   Its awful how people decide to die. I mean look at the trees outside. If not admire the moon that shines. How brightly, how immaculately it gimmicks darkness. You do not need any reason to live. You yourself are blessed enough to join this breed. This breed of humans where you have got everything. Hate and love, tears and smiles, insolence and respect, uncertainties and happenings, realities and dreams.


Nothing lasts forever. Not even happiness. I know this is kinda pessimistic. But then even the azurance of the sky fades to grey. Even the song of dreams fade to silence of reality. And that is what I am uncertain about. But somewhere these ambiguities bind me. Maybe this is life. Vitiating inside knowing the consequences but fooling thoughts with a light of sanguinity. Its just that we need to learn to accept. Accept before the time runs out. This world is very beautiful. Take time to wander it, accept it before its too late. There is nothing like ‘infinity’. There’s nothing like ‘forever’. If sadness cant last till infinity then happiness has no power to last till forever. This is the truth. Truth till infinity.




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