Who are you? Perfect?


There are way too many techniques and procedures in which this world has been described. One way how I circumscribe it is by using this word ‘perfect’. In the recent days, after getting into a heated conversation I realised how perfection for people differs. For me its the nature, for my dad its a well paid job, for my mom its a good human being, for my brother its a good lavish day and for my friend its a good thirty on thirty in maths. I realised how perfection can never be achieved. Appeasement is when you conclude yourself to be perfectly perfect to be called perfect. For me, its like comparing yourself with nature, which is not at all appropriate for me. Many a times, we meet people sermonising and boasting about themselves. Do you really know who you actually are!? Sometimes, I feel like slamming this question on their face. But then I retreat myself from asking as I myself don’t know an answer to this.



What I believe is, ‘perfection’ can never be achieved. There’s a lot of things that are impeccable. This world is overloaded with discrepancy, overloaded with variations. In this enormous and infinite world how could you guarantee your well paid job to be perfect? Look at a kid smile. That curve is way too perfect. Yet again, perfection is just a priority. So? Is perfection all about being satisfied? No. Its not. The day you are satisfied with yourself, the day you find yourself to be perfect your world would collapse. Your end would begin. Out of all this, one thing that I could understand is that perfection is ‘impeccability’. Perfection is when there is no chance of improvement. Can that stage be achieved by you? Can that be achieved by anyone you know? For a dancer perfection is grace. For a musician perfection is melody. For you its something else and for me its something else. (It is nature for me by the way. And the best part I am a part of this perfection).


I have heard people flaunting and buttering others saying, ” I know you the best.” Oh really? Dude, it has just been fifteen years when I met myself and then also I cant even predict what I would be doing a second after. How could you expect me to know someone I met just few years before!? There is always an acumen that glows within me. I always feel how nobody is perfect. I sometimes feel how I need to improve myself. Somewhere, I always feel an absurdity, an unfitness in being alive in such a perfect world. But then to survive I need to match its goodness. I think sometimes, how I have to taste and smell and feel every bit of perfection here, every bit of existence here. For that I’ll have to begin from me. I’ll have to explore this chunk of imperfect perfection that I own. Me. I have to first explore me. What I could do? What I could achieve? What I deserve?


Everyone deserves better, better that today. Durjoy Datta in his book ‘ Of course i love you, till I find someone better’ explained what human nature is. It is about never being satisfied. Its about choosing things till you find something better to choose. And that’s good. After all even a kid chooses something that is ‘new’. And this is is where insecurities arise. Insecurities about being replaced by something better. And somewhere that is linked with perfection. You aren’t best, you aren’t perfect. All you could be is better. Better than today.


Concluding, I would just say, be soft to everyone. Everyone you meet. But never be soft to yourself. Scold yourself, avenge yourself. That’s how gold purifies out of heat. That’s how diamond shines out of pain. That’s how you’ll grow out of sufferings. Though perfection could never be achieved but yes you could turn to something better with every setting moon. Always remember, you are a part of perfection and not ‘perfect’. Remember, perfection is a myth.





4 thoughts on “Who are you? Perfect?”

  1. when we finally let go of the notion that scolding, pain and suffering are necessary catalysts in order to grow or somehow improve the perfect being that we already are, then we begin to see beyond the deception of the world’s programmed way of being – it is based on a false concept of what maturity and adulthood should be – such ideas would never enter the radiant mind and vibrant spirit of a young child

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    1. Yea. We are perfect in the nature’s way. But then if we accept that we are borne perfect then His purpose of sending us here would get all ruined. I appreciate you are here. Thank you ❤


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