So it would be..

The leaves rattling, enhancing into the beauty of unspoken silence, made me wonder how our lives construe appeasement. How our lives and us ourselves construe every twists and turns that gimmicks our existence. Okay so a very direct question-

What label would you choose for your tombstone?”

Would that be about how long you have come from where you started? Would that be about how dunce you are? Would that be about how you have enhanced yourself? Would that be about your undying love for someone? Can that be a summary of your life or a sad conclusion to it? Would that be that one very important lesson of your life or just a mere scribbling for people to know how hopeless you were.


Whatever it might be, it would be something worth a read. I mean, writing your last words, last thoughts, last expression is something that is going to be loaded with thoughts, overloaded. Well, you might would even like to leave it on your group members to write it up for you or you might even like to leave it empty. But then you need to understand this life was given to you for a purpose and if you have a chance to summarize it then why not?Though thinking of it at a stage where you are still to go through lot, it might be difficult but then death never knocks on your door so lets give ‘this’ a thought.

So, how beautiful your last words could be?


Its anomalous how we spend all our our lives in a monotonous and a comprehensive way. Wake up at eight, get ready, go to work, come back at eight, sleep. Between all this, one day, everything ends. But then there are people who not only drink coffee with taste, they let their thoughts taste it. They not only hear to beats, they let their hearts feel it.There are people who hear silence. But then there are who can explain it. And this is ‘everything’.

Me, thinking over what I am going to write is like choosing a dress for the day of valentine. I mean, there is a lot that I am yet to know, yet to experience. But then death doesn’t knock.So lets give this a thought. There is a lot I have to achieve, so nothing about that. Then I would not leave this chance to explain myself to this world. I would not even like to express my love because I know its beyond more than everything that the people could even imagine. And people whom I love know how others could NEVER understand what I feel. Though I try loving all the same. Yet its kinda not possible because there is a difference in time and a difference in bonds. So, as of now I would like my tomb to be adorned with-

She thought it was and so it would be.

As she suffered, INFINITY became truth.

Hear the moon, fear the light.

Look at the moon, as the loneliness dies. ”

Please see- This might change over time. Yet do give it a thought.

Do comment how you would like your tombstone to be adorned.




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