It Chose To Die..


It would have taken a trillion stars to create his eyes.

The freckles on his cheeks. The silly movements of his hands. His never- ending tries to make her laugh and his ever wandering eyes.

Things have turned over time.

Those pigeons don’t chatter there anymore. After all they have lost their critic. But they knew. Those pigeons have witnessed that day of goodbye. Pigeons have seen how she felt, how they felt.That day, how silence bound them, how the azure of sky faded to darkness. How phones rang, twice, thrice but their silence seemed to be louder. Hands entangled, welled eyes, it seemed hearts churning to bade goodbye. It seemed as if all the talks that once lightened the hearts now found no routes to the tongue. Robust he stood. Beckoned they hugged. But only those pigeons saw her sipping her tears, quietly wiping it off from his shirt. It turned to be harder than she thought. She, the skulker gimmick situations but that day she had lost, lost her ability to fake smiles. Earlier she had explained how dunce she could be. She had explained how whey face she was. But then all she could do was accept.

That day didn’t seem to end. That day had lost all its exorbitance. That day shook their ways. That day adorned their uncertainties.


Days after the avenging ‘goodbyes’ and ‘take cares’, she sat there alone, staring at the sun they once admired together, feeling the winds they felt together, staring at the number of colors the sky took that they counted together. Staring at the shade of moon as the fading sun died. Nothing has changed, but her heart had swelled. It remembered the promises they made. It remembered the uncertainties behind them. But, it knew that days would change.

Phone rang..

All her thoughts reached skies. All her uncertainties died. NOTHING HAD CHANGED. It was him.

Little did she know… they share the same sky.

Why is it that all meets have to end with goodbyes?






9 thoughts on “It Chose To Die..”

  1. The beauty of poetry… that which facilitates expressing with a word, such meaning as you have with goodbye. A word after all that is what you wish to make of it, as in its origin was but the compression of “the gods be with you” and not but the sadness of a parting. Alas… the touching use of what you have poetically done with goodbye is just cause to follow your work. Thank you for that, I look forward to your next!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am so glad that you read this. Thank you so very much. This encouraged me thoroughly and I’ll try my best to reach up to the mark that you have set for me. 🙂 Thanks once again ❤


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