Escape Monotony


There are times that scents the essence of your life. There are times that lighten the hearts and throws you high assuring that there is happiness to grab you. Going into the daily lyrics of life, there are times when you get a new tune to them. The crawling clouds, the setting sun bring with them new days and new people to aggrevate you.

You are made up of everything and everyone you observe and appreciate.

Just few hours set with them the ebroidary of the growing trust. Few hours of meet leads to reliance. Things turn over time yet there are moments that you enhance throughout your life. When things turn, you learn. When faith grows, you learn. When friendship grows, you learn. The ultimate reality of our existence is the usage of the learnings that intensifies you. Learning is a process of success. But, learning needs no strategies while succeeding does. Having a strategy signifies your efforts and fervour towards your work. Appeasement is achieved when these  pearls of learning thread to form the necklace of success. And this appeasement is very beautiful. In fact satisfaction is the most holy of all feelings. But then satisfying human minds is itself a harder nut to crack. Easy is what songs are and so is our life, as easy as the lyrics to a tune.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Whatever you see depends on whatever you feel. Everything has beauty, all you need is the impeccability in your eyes. All you need is an unbiased pair of eyes to evaluate what beauty is.

This world has got every bit of it out of purpose. You have a purpose too. And someway or the other our lives revolve around achieving a purpose. And sometimes purpose is to ESCAPE MONOTONY.


Acknowledging Yogesh Bhaiya for all his critical analysis and helping me get through things better. And yea, it would take another blog to explain ‘grey hair’.

I miss the moon.



6 thoughts on “Escape Monotony”

  1. I needed a Google translator along to read this that shows the quality of vocab out their, your choices of topics are always out of the world, another adition to the set of simply outstanding blogs πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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  2. Topic is simply brilliant πŸ™‚
    Choices of words and phrases… awsome πŸ™‚
    But……things to work upon…..
    A) the target of a writeup is to connect with the reader…..not to load them with uncommon words…… try to use simple words weaved into phrases thar creates lasting impression….
    B) u r talking about so many things….learning, success, appeasemnt,satisfaction, beauty et al….. but these looks like isolated words in your article….. they are not connected to form a cohesive article centered around one theme (topic of article)
    C) work on paragraph formation and interconnection….
    D) select heading of article in such manner that all paragraphs flow out of it and close into it
    E) i should not demotivate you at this nascent stage….its a budding stage and with proper nurturing, ur writeup will blossom…..
    F) i have told u only what to do…….how to do….. will guide u on phone πŸ™‚
    G) i believe u have that inner fire which when kindled will take u towards perfection…so, relax and enjoy ur writing……dont overburden urself….. πŸ™‚

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