Offline Forever

Sometimes I feel so jealous of the people who express their confidence. Recently, I have realised how having faith in yourself is actually a very difficult task. There are times; face inside your arms, mind away from heart and all you want is to disappear somewhere. The compelling situations in your mind that distract you from what you are doing at present lead to questions that actually questions your capabilities.


On that day, once again she questioned herself. Look at you, she whispered. Like every other day she rolled her eyes to examine herself. Tanned skin, tangled hair, creepy eyes and hooked nose. LOOK AT YOU. Lost in her own thoughts she never realised what attitude meant. She lost herself somewhere in what people said. Little did she know, there is no face more beautiful than a smiling one.

That day everything took heights. The god- damn maths. That strong feeling to disappear, late replies and neck gripping situations. Tired of jerks, tired of what others say, she decided to quit. She has mistaken to care too much. She has mistaken to get addicted to illusions. Tired of everything she decided to choose darkness. She decided to choose herself. She decided not to let herself down ever.

She decided to go offline forever..





17 thoughts on “Offline Forever”

  1. I love of your four examples, and in particular the reply “watch me” to “you can’t”. Watch me was coined many years ago by our Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, and repeated very recently by his son, our current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Bravo for your choice!

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