The fact is, when you have suffered a lot, you can’t recognize how it feels to be happy..

And then you realize how long it has been since you last felt this happy.

Consistency always matters.

People usually find a corner. A corner for their hearts to sink. a corner for their thoughts to settle. A corner in a room where they get away from the chaos out there.


Umm.. And what if a room has no corners?

No corners for hearts to sink. No corners for tears to hit. No corners for breath to mix.

Just a round frame secured of every inconsistency and negativity. Consistency of every thoughts that matter..

Be veracious to yourself, consistent. Dare not build yourself with corners. Corners for negativity to settle..

Smile enigmatically and explain nothing. Be yourself, be consistent in being you.


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9 thoughts on “Corners”

  1. I have been waiting since your “It Chose To Die” to be reminded of your exquisite poetic talent. Hence to experience once again the pleasure of your creative imagination, from which you have again string such words as to assemble with corresponding imagery, what you’ve called “Corners”, thus so to fit and fix a tableau painted for the soul. A soul in need, guided by your creation to find and follow the way home, as home should be, tapestried with peace and harmony that permeates one’s self with love to share, or hold for one of merit.

    Beautiful this “Corners”, and in keeping with your poetic heart.


    P.S. I have taken the liberty of forwarding a blind copy to a dear friend, a most talented soul, who I know will recognize the merit of your creativity, as I have. I leave but the initials of her name…HnY.

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    1. I am a young writer who needs extols to keep up the spirits of writing and thoughts within me. I am really obliged to have a follower and reader like you. Looking forward to your suggestions and appreciations. Thank you so very much.


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