From the girl who wears short


Mr. Stranger,

I know that look. That look on your face. Yeaah, exactly that. I know that eyes following me, taking me in, right from my shining straight hair, to my breast and down to my legs. I know it. What are you thinking? Coming closer? Kissing me? Hey hey hey, Mr. Stranger, my short clothes do not invite you to stare at me. My high heels do not ponder of you holding me. My kohl right on my eye lids, they do not call for darkness, so that you explore me.

Believe me, I love attention, trust me I do. I love boys watching me out. But trust me, you can not fathom how much I loathe that, that very look. You find me attractive, hot? Come over and tell me. I’ll appreciate you of being so natural and so man. Do not be a coward, harassing me and boasting your gym classes. Be a man of ethics and royality. 

The thing is, I’ll never apologize for being a woman. I am vogue, petulance and beauty.  I have the form of an angel and a shadow of a devil. Be light and my shadow vanishes. Be darkness, I’ll come over and tell you how attractive the angel in me is.

I am the history that proves, everytime you tried spitting on my purity, the Lord himself came to rescue me. Hey, Mr. Stranger learn to be strong and learn to control your extra volatile emotions. Collect your shit and get over your alibis. You’ve got your own mother, own sister – go stare them. Got the guts? Go brother go.

The red color that I put on my lips, they are not roses for you to touch and embrace. They are the sign of danger, the sign for you to stop and think again. Sign for you to respect and accept me. Exactly the way I am.

Because, you can not punish me for following what I want. But it is you who needs to be punished. You who watch me scream and cry, just because I wear shorts or just because I am drunk.

You ask me to be a girl- calm and submissive.  Before that YOU be a man- gentle and genuine. 

It is me of colors and vividness

It is me of lights and brightness

Open your eyes and watch me flow

It is me in which you grow


12 thoughts on “From the girl who wears short”

  1. WOW! Singhanshita… A very interesting poetic message, by the girl who wears shorts. Gently bold, well expressed, very positive, and necessary. An excellent piece to start 2017…Terrific! Looking forwarded to more.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. A more than ever rare treat, to be witness to and recipient of well mannered people in this 21centuary, and I thank profusely for the privilege of being called sir. That said, can we now replace the sir, for friend…?

        Liked by 1 person

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