And that is when it hits me

Burning oils at flouting places

Putting into work all my faces

Returning tired and engulfed by fatigue

I shot myself down crashing into my bed


That is when it hits me.



I try to stay open, you know

Thinking about responsibilities

And just going along with the flow.

The last things I remember is about

An altercation that I came across

Before that- was an important idea

That I taught myself to remember aloud.


That is when it hits me.



I remember I was all all alone- fighting

With a notebook beside me- writing

I remember fading to shrapnel- trying

Trying hard to keep up with my thoughts

It was like the instant when you notice

The rainbow of a bubble and that is when it splatters

Right on you nose- refreshing you.


That is when it hits me.


I know I am tired and done for the day

I know the pain and all I want is sleep

And yet, I wish to think, think some more.

Enveloping the moon fluorescent by the noon

I don’t know what was last and what was past

All I know is that I don’t know the moment I fell apart

I see the morning sun

I asked him, ” You were the light on the moon

tell me how I was fooled?”

Was it the leaves ambling like a lullaby?

Or was it the dying fan that got me hypnotized?

Was it my vitiating thoughts?

Or was it my tired limbs that fought?

That I totally forgot about the moment I fall?


And that is when it hits me.


The sun says,” Your last thought and

the last moment that your eyes were open,

that was when it hit you.

It took you away from the loneliness you are scared of

It took you to the sleep you are deprived of. ”

And then he whispered

“You complain a lot and worry too.

You chat a lot and are stressed too.

It was the florescent moon

She patted you till you were calm

and of course fooled!”

wake up







10 thoughts on “And that is when it hits me”

  1. And how does it feel to realize that you make others feel what you have, and may well still do, when it hits you…? You do it very well, putting to work all your faces, beautiful, soulful faces!



    1. That is what I am here for. Pestering the minds of readers who come across stuffs that I come across too. I am here just to share what I feel and get a platform for what I am passionate about. But when I have readers like you this becomes not just a platform but an arena of encouragement and enthusiasm.


  2. Your last thought and the last moment that your eyes were open, That was when it hit you.
    Perfectly shows that your writings are one of a kind. Personification you’ve truly mastered. πŸ™‚
    Keep going. Good luck ahead. You’ll definitely achieve BIG .

    Liked by 1 person

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