Whats in a name?



It seems ‘names’ are not that important to Shakespeare but then, indulging into a recent conversation with my maths teacher I got a different perspective as to how our names may play an important role in our lives. It was a fascinating idea that he shared about which I decided to think and write.

As soon as we enter this event called ‘life’ , certainly we are burdened with expectations. “What should we name our child?” It is funny how few people decide on a name even before they know they are having a kid. Considering how our names are derived out of  gods, goddesses or out of depth and thought; it becomes our identity after all. Like after a day or two here at earth you will be a god that you barely even know about.

When you are named, you are expected to be like an idea or be like some thing or some one. It is hard to even think what responsibilities may come with a name. If my name means ‘God’s Gift’ , then I must feel that yes, I am a blessing to people who have me. Think of your name, what it means, where does it come from and think have you been on the path of accomplishing your name?


It may turn out that your name means nothing but then I believe that there has to be a root to any name. It may be a combination of two people in love or it may belong to some alien language. There has to be a reason to your name.

 Maybe someday your name would be recognized by you and not you by your name. Maybe someday your name would not mean the meaning of your name but would mean you yourself.


And what if your name is your destiny? Or maybe it is to accomplish your name that you are here on this earth?


Comment what your name is and what it means. Do let me know how far you have come to accomplish your name?

(Honestly, I am way too far.)


10 thoughts on “Whats in a name?”

      1. Name is just a identity of a person, son/ daughter/ brother/ sister of so and so that’s it ….
        People of same name may not necessarily have anything in common .
        It’s up to a soul to give identity to a name , good or bad ….
        Having said that , I do believe combination of letters make a sound that should give a positive vibe , thus a meaningful name like that of a flower makes you feel good about that person in first meet ….

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      2. I just tried giving names a different perspective. No body names their kid after a devil. How beautiful our world would be if people try to accomplish their name. Anyway glad you visited. Thank you so much.


  1. My name is Priyasha and it means good hope. I don’t know how far I am to accomplish this name. But I love you and I loved reading this ❤😄

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  2. What’s in a name is an excellent piece of writing, as in Shakespeare’ words of…A rose is a rose by any other name!
    Life is sometimes the better for letting our imagination abstractly take its own course, without the confines of a given name. I do love and enjoy your work even though I do not always comment. Hold that thought my dear Singhanshita!

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